Amigurumi Lol Baby Free Crochet Pattern

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Materials: Charm yarn in colors: 8001-white, 3526-pink, 7684-leather, 6218-lilac and yarn

Bella in color: 1785-brown. 2.5 mm crochet hook. Silicone fiber. Blue felt and

white for the eyes. Safety eyes 15 mm. About 10 cm of rigid light wire

capped to support the head. Tapestry needle. Universal glue for the parts in



• ch – chain

• sl-st – slip stich

• sc – single crochet

• hdc – half double crochet

• dc – double crochet

• dec – decrease

• inc – increase

Note: To soften the step that is time to change the color, make the 1st point of the new

color in very low point.

ARM. (do 2)

With the color you chose for your skin, make 4 corr

1) 2sc (starting on the 2nd row from the needle), 3sc on the last row, on the other side of these

same corr (coming back), do 1sc, 1inc (8)

2) 8sc (8)

3) 4sc, (1inc) 3x, 1sc (11)

4) 3dc (popcorn point) at the next point, 10sc (11)

 Note: Row 4 of the second arm) 4sc, 3dc (popcorn point) in the next point, 6sc (11)

5) 2sc, 1dec, 2sc, (1dec) 2x, 1sc (8)

6) 5sc, (1inc) 2x, 1sc (10)

7) 4sc, (1inc, 1sc) 3x (13)

8-10) 13sc (13)

11) 6sc, 1dec, 1sc, 1dec, 2sc (11)

 Change to pink.

12) Only on the back handles 6sc, (1inc, 1sc) 2x, 1sc (13)

13) 13sc (13)

14) (1dec) 6x, 1sc (7)

15) 2sc, fill and close the arm with 3sc

Lace the sleeve on the front straps of carr 12

1) (1sl-st, 3 ch, skip a handle) 8x

LEG. (Do 2)

Blank make 5 ch

1) 3sc (starting on the 2nd ch from the needle), 3sc on the last ch, on the other side of these

same ch (coming back), 2sc, 1inc (10)

2) 1inc, 2sc, (1inc) 3x, 2sc, (1inc) 2x (16)

 Switch to lilac

3) 16sc taking only the back handle (16)

 Back to white

4) 16sc (16)

5) 5sc, (1inc, 1sc) 3x, 5sc (19)

6) 4sc, (1dec) 5x, 5sc (14)

 Change to pink

7) 4sc, (1dec) 3x, 3sc, 1inc (12)

8) (2sc, 1inc) 4x (16)

 Change to the color you chose to make the skin

9) Do 16sc only on the back handles (16)

10) 16sc (16)

11) 3sc, 1inc, 7sc, 1inc, 3sc, 1inc (19)

12-13) 19sc (19)

14) 1dec, 2sc, 1dec, 5sc, 1dec, 2sc, (1dec) 2x (14)

15) 1inc, 11sc, (1inc) 2x (17)

16) 1sc, 1inc, 11sc, (1sc, 1inc) 2x (20)

17-18) 20sc (20)

19) (4sc, 1inc) 4x (24)

20-21) 24sc (24)

22) 23sc, 1sl-st, close, cut the thread and fill.

Make the lace on the sock by weaving only the front loop loop 9

1) (1sl-st, 3 ch, skip a handle) 8x

BODY. In blank

Place the two legs, side by side with the toes forward and join them in the center with

2sc forward / backward (these 2sc will be isolated in the middle of the piece, they will not be woven from here

forward), and continue weaving from the back side of the 1st leg around it, placing the

career marker at that 1st low point of the leg (attention this will be the beginning of the career and

must be on the back of the leg).

1) 22sc on the 1st leg, move on to the 2nd leg and do another 22sc (44)

2) 44sc (44)

3) 1dec, 40sc, 1dec (42)

4) (5sc, 1dec) 6x (36)

5) (4sc, 1dec) 6x (30)

6) 30sc rear handles only (30)

 Switch to lilac

7) (3sc, 1dec) 6x (24)

8) 24sc (24)

9) 24sc rear handles only (24)

10) 24sc (24)

 Change to pink

11) 24sc (24)

12) (4sc, 1dec) 4x (20)

13) 20sc (20)

14) (3sc, 1dec) 4x (16)

15) 16sc (16)

 Switch to skin color

16) do 16sc. In this career you can join your arms to your body, or choose to sew them

posteriorly. (16)

17) 16sc (16)

Close and cut the thread, leaving enough to sew the body to the head.

Before you finish filling the body, place the piece of light wire that will support the


SAIOTE in white, on the front handles of the carr. 6, with the feet facing downwards.


rows 1, 2 and 3 are at a high point.

1) 2 ch, (4dc, 1inc) 6x, 1sl-st to close the loop (36)

2) 2 ch, (2dc, 1inc) 9x, 1sl-st to close the loop (45)

3) 2 ch, (1inc) 45x, 1sl-st to close the loop (90)

4) 1 ch, 90sc (90)

SKIRT in lilac, on the front loops of loop 9, with the feet facing downwards.

NOTE: all careers at low point.

1) 1 ch, (1inc) 24x, 1sl-st to close the loop (48)

2-5) 1 ch, 48sc, 1sl-st to close the loop (48)

6) 1 ch, (6sc, 1inc) 6x, 6sc, 1sl-st to close the loop (54)

7-9) 1 ch, 54sc, 1sl-st to close the loop (54)


In lilac make 7 ch

1) 6sc (starting on the 2nd ch from the needle), 1 ch, turning (6)

2-3) 6sc, 1 ch, turn (6)

4) Make 1 loop in sc around the entire piece

 Tie the center by making several turns with the thread to form the loop.


In skin color make 12 ch

1) 1inc (starting on the 2nd ch from the needle), 9sc, 4sc on the last ch, on the other side

of those same ch (coming back), 9sc, 1inc (26)

2) (1inc) 2x, 9sc, (1inc) 4x, 9sc, (1inc) 2x (34)

3) (1sc, 1inc) 2x, 9sc, (1sc, 1inc) 4x, 9sc, (1sc, 1inc) 2x (42)

4) (2sc, 1inc) 2x, 9sc, (2sc, 1inc) 4x, 9sc, (2sc, 1inc) 2x (50)

5) 2sc, (1inc, 1sc) 2x, 13sc, (1inc, 1sc) 2x, 4sc, (1inc, 1sc) 2x,

 13sc, (1inc, 1sc) 2x, 2sc (58)

6) 58sc (58)

7) 14sc, 1dec, 27sc, 1dec, 13sc (56)

8-13) 56sc (56)

14) (13sc, 1inc) 4x (60)

15-21) 60sc (60)

22) (3sc, 1dec, 5sc) 6x (54)

23) (7sc, 1dec) 6x (48)

24) (2sc, 1dec, 4sc) 6x (42)

 For the eyes cut 2 circles in white felt with 2.2 cm of

diameter and 2 in blue felt with 2 cm in diameter. Join the 2 with the safety eye

size 15 mm.

 Place your eyes between loops 14 and 15, with a 10sc interval.

25) (5sc, 1dec) 6x (36)

26) (1sc, 1dec, 3sc) 6x (30)

27) (3sc, 1dec) 6x (24)

 Before filling the head, carefully remove

the string of light from the little body (then you will reposition

when sewing the head), and insert it on the head,

centralizing between the 1st row points (to fix

apply a little glue).

28) (1dec, 2sc) 6x (18)

29) (1sc, 1dec) 6x (12)

30) (1dec) 6x (6)

Embroider your nose with the skin-colored line.

Embroider eyelashes and eyebrows with black embroidery thread.

HAIR in brown

1) 6sc in the magic ring (6)

2) (1inc) 6x (12)

3) (1sc, 1inc) 6x (18)

4) (1inc, 2sc) 6x (24)

5) (3sc, 1inc) 6x (30)

6) (1sc, 1inc, 3sc) 6x (36)

7) (5sc, 1inc) 6x (42)

8) (2sc, 1inc, 4sc) 6x (48)

9) (7sc, 1inc) 6x (54)

10) (3sc, 1inc, 5sc) 6x (60)

11-18) 60sc (60)

 The next loop we’ll do going back (turn and work),

19) 1ch, skip 1sc, 1sl-st, 44sc, 1sl-st, turn (46)

20) 1ch, skip 1sc, 1sl-st, 42sc, 1sl-st (44)

 Leave a long thread to sew the hair on the head.

FRINGE in brown

Done in roundtrip, make 6ch

1) 5sc (starting on the 2nd ch from the needle), turns (5)

2-13) 1ch, 5sc, turn (5)

COKE in brown

1) 6sc in the magic ring (6)

2) (1inc) 6x (12)

3) (1sc, 1inc) 6x (18)

4) (1inc, 2sc) 6x (24)

5) (3sc, 1inc) 6x (30)

6) (1sc, 1inc, 3sc) 6x (36)

7) (5sc, 1inc) 6x (42)

8-9) 42sc (42)

10) (5sc, 1dec) 6x (36)

11) 36sc (36)

12) (1sc, 1dec, 3sc) 6x (30)

13) (3sc, 1dec) 6x (24)

HEAD TIE in pink

Make 42ch and close with 1sl-st on the first floor, forming a circle.

1-12) 42sc (42)

Finish and frown in the center, forming the loop.

Make a strip of 13ch and 12sc to finish the center of the loop.


In the magic ring

 1) 2sc, 1sl-st, turns

2) Skip the sl-st, (1inc) 2x, 1sl-st on the magic ring, close the magic ring.

HEAD BOW in pink

Optional. Make about 40ch and come back doing 1sl-st or 1sc in each little chain.

DRESS DOLL in white felt

Optional. Cut and paste on the dress.