Amigurumi Watermelon Girl Free Crochet Pattern


ch – chain

sc – single crochet

inc – increase

dec – decrease

sl st – slip stitch

Watermelon girl

Head (x2):

It is woven in rows.

F1 : 31c., 1 sc in 2nd from crochet, 29 sc, 1c and g.

F2 – 7:30 sc 1c and g.

F8 : skip 1pt, 27 sc, skip 1pt, 1 sc, 1c and g. (28)

F9 : 28 sc 1c and g.

F10 : skip 1pt, 25sc, skip 1pts, 1sp, 1c and g. (26)

F11 : 26 sc 1c and g.

F12 : skip 1pt, 23sc, skip 1pts, 1sp, 1c and g. (24)

F13 : 24 sc 1c and g.

F14 : skip 1pt, 21sc, skip 1pts, 1sp, 1c and g (22)

F15 : 22bp, 1c and g. 1c and g.

F16 : skip 1pt, 19 sc, skip 1pt, 1 sc, 1c and g. (twenty)

F17 : skip 1pt, 17 sc, skip 1pt., 1 sc, 1c and g (18)

F18 : skip 1pt, 15pb, skip 1pto, 1pb, 1c and g. (16)

F19 : skip 1pt, 13sc, skip 1pts, 1sp, 1c and g. (14)

F20 : skip 1pt, 11sc, skip 1pts, 1sp, 1c and g. (12)

F21 : skip 1pt, 9 sc, skip 1pt, 1 sc (10)

Finish off and cut. To knit the edge we will hook the strand in the upper corner, the

corner of chain number 30 at the beginning of the head piece. Look at the photo:


V1: we hook with white color with 1c. and 1 sc in the same point, 20 sc, 1 inc in the

corner, 8 sc, 1 inc, 20 sc (53)

Change to green color.

V2: 1c and g, 53bp and 1c. and g.

V3: 53bp.

Cast off and cut the 1st piece, and cast off and cut the 2nd piece leaving a long strand

to sew. On one of the pieces of the head place the safety eyes, more or less on the

F15 – 16, with approximately 7 points of separation. It is also useful to embroider the

eyelashes, the mouth and the seeds. Also embroider the seeds on the other piece of

the head before sewing them.

To sew them, face the two pieces and join the edges. You can help with markers or

safety pins to hold the pieces. Sew with the green thread around the green edge. For

the corners you can use white thread, although you can also sew them with green,

since in those corners the hairs will go and it will not be seen.

Before you finish sewing the two pieces of the head, fill it in.

Legs (x2):

In green:

V1 : 5 sc in am

V2 : 5aum (10)

V3 – 15: 10bp

Cast off and cut the 1st leg, the 2nd do not cast off, and continue knitting to join the

two legs and continue with the body.

To join the legs and continue :

V1 : join the 2nd leg with the 1st leg with a sc in point # 10 of V15, continue with 9 sc,

join with the 2nd with 1 sc in the next free st, and 9 sc (20)

V2 – 7:20 sc


V8 : * 2 sc, 1dism * (15)

V9 – 10:15 sc

V11 : * 1sc, 1dism * (10)

V12 : 10 sc

Bind off and cut, leaving a long strand to sew to the head.


In red:

V1 : 12c., Join with 1 sc with 1ºc to form a ring, continue to knit in chain stitches, 12 sc (last st on 1st

sc) (12)

V2 : * 1sc, 1aum * (18)

V3 : 18 sc

V4 : * 2sc, 1aum * (24)

V5 : 24bp

V6 : * 3sc, 1aum * (30)

V7 : 30 sc

V8 : * 4sc, 1aum * (36)

V9 : 36 sc

V10 : * 5sc, 1aum * (42)

V11 – 16 : 42bp

Change to white color.

V17 : 42 sc

V18 : * 6 sc, 1aum * (48)

V19 : 1c, 48 crab points. Finish off and cut. Leave a somewhat long strand to finish closing the

loop. With the wool needle, sew a stitch with the 1st stitch on the round, and thus close it.

Embroider the seeds in black throughout the dress. Sew the dress over the last turn of the body.

Arms (x2):

In green:

V1 : 5 sc in am

V2 – 14 : 5 sc

You can use a bit of wire to articulate the arms. Cut a piece of wire the length of the

two arms together plus 1 or 2 cm. Insert the wire over the 2nd turn of the dress. Fold

the ends and line with masking tape. Now insert your arms and sew them around the

wire. * Note: remember that this system of articulating amigurumis IS NOT SAFE , and

is not recommended for minors.

Bow (x2):

In blue:

F1: 11c., 1 sc in 2nd from crochet, 9 sc, 1c and g (10)

F2 – 6: 10 sc 1c and g.

Finish off and cut. Hide the excess strands. Fold the piece in the center and surround

it with blue thread, until it is well attached. Sew a few stitches with the strand to hold it


For the hair, cut a few strands (I used 14) of yellow color of about 5 or 6 cm, or the

length that you like the most. In each corner, place the hairs with the hair-by-hair

technique and, finally, sew the bow in front of the pigtails.