Amigurumi Velvet Tiger Dog And Cat Free Crochet Pattern

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If you want to highlight a muzzle like a tiger cub or cat,

then knit the first 3 rows in white. From the beginning of 4 rows, change the color.

1.6 sc into magic ring

2.6inc (12)


4. (other colors) – (1sc, inc) × 6 (18)

5. (1sc, inc) × 9 (27)

Between 4-5 near, insert 8mm eyes at a distance of 4sc.

(The gray cat has slightly larger eyes – 10mm)

If a plastic nose, insert it a row higher

initial ring amigurumi. Between 1 and 2 nearby.

6-9. 27sc (4 rows)

10. (3sc, dec, 4sc, dec) × 2, 3sc, dec (22)

We stuff as we knit.

11.1sc (2sc, dec) × 5, 1sc (17)

12. (1sc, dec) × 5, 2sc (12)

13. 6dec

Close the knitting. We fix the thread,.

We form the muzzle by pulling the nose slightly.

Muzzle tightening.

With a needle, with thread, we enter the bottom of the head in row 5,

go out into the outer corner of the eye, then go into the inner

the corner of the same eye, we withdraw the needle through the adjacent row below

heads (next to the tail).

We go with the needle again to the same place (where the tail is) and repeat

the same with the other eye, bring the needle through the adjacent

row. We tighten our eyes so that they go down a little,

gently pull both threads evenly, getting

the desired effect, we knit on a knot among themselves. Thread

Embroidery. Decor


White needle

me plush), embroider

squirrels. Black

embroider cilia

( to start

thread like that

to be languid

look you can

take advantage

pins for basting).


Embroider to your taste (above my eyes in 2 rows with

the outer side of the head, between 6 and 7 nearby. And on 3 rows

above the eyes between 7 and 8 near closer to the middle.

It turns out the edges are raised.

Brow Width 3 sc. The distance between the brow 3sc.


1.6 sc into magic ring

2.6inc (12)

3. 3sc (inc, 1sc) × 3, 3sc (15)

4. For the back walls we knit 15sc.

You can change the color in the 5th row, then the leg will look like

at the dog.

5. Other color – 15sc

6.4sc, 4dec, 3sc (11)

7.4sc, dec, 5sc (10)

8-11. 10sc (4 rows)

12.1sc. Only fill the bottom.

13. İnc knit in half 5sc. Form a foot.

We cut the thread. Fasten.


We are looking for the middle of the legs.

Insert the needle below

midway between 1 and 2

next, bring the needle

between 5 and 6 near.

Insert the needle into the same row

stepping back 2 sc to the side.

Draw the needle between 1 and 2

nearby stepping back from

tail also 2 sc.

Embroider in the same way

third claw stepping back

2sc away from

mid (from the first



1.6 sc into magic ring

2. (1sc, inc) × 3 (9)


4-6. dec, 3sc, inc, 3sc (9) (3 rows)

7. dec, 7sc (8)

8.1sc. Do not stuff. İnc knit in half 3sc.


1.6 sc into magic ring

2.6inc (12)

3. (1sc, inc) × 6 (18)

4. (1sc, inc) × 9 (27)

In the 5th row we knit the legs.

İnc knit a leg from

heel to toe 5sc,

next leg 5sc from

sock to the heel.

5. 4sc, 5sc inc

leg, 9sc, 5sc inc

foot, 4sc.


7. (2sc, dec) × 6, 3 (21)


9.3sc, (dec, 1sc) × 5, 3sc (16)

Where there will be a tummy. We form a tummy

stuffing with filler.

10.6sc, 2dec, 6sc (14)

11.5sc, 2dec, 5sc (12)

12.4sc. Connecting post.

We cut the thread. Fasten.

Ears of tiger cub / cat

1.2ch, inc first

loop, ch, twist

2.2inc, ch, turn

3. inc, 2sc, inc.

It turns out a triangle.

The beginning of knitting, where

ponytail, this is the top of the ear.

Thread snake

through the ear to the base,

after ear insertion, we fix

tails and incense in the head.

Tiger cub / cat tail

1.Bel.-6 sc into magic ring

2-3. 6sc (2 rows)

4-10. 6sc (7 rows)

11. İnc cut in half 3 sc.

We cut the thread. Fasten.

Marshmallow Ears Bunnies

Knit DC – with columns

one crochet.

1.8 dc sc into magic ring, connecting

column, put a marker.

2.8inc (16)

3. (2dc, inc) × 5, 1dc (21)

4.dec, 8dc, dec, 9dc (19)

5.dec, 7dc, dec, 8dc (17)

6.dec, 7dc, dec, 6dc (15)

7.dec, 6dc, dec, 5dc (13)

8. dec, 7dc, dec, 2dc (11)

9. dec, 4dc

10. İnc cut in half 5HDC

– half columns with one

double crochet.

We cut the thread. Fasten.

Short ears bunnies

1.6 sc into magic ring

2.6inc (12)

3-4. 12sc (2 rows)

5. (4sc, dec) × 2 (10)

6. (3sc, dec) × 2 (8)


8. İnc knit in half 4sc.

We cut the thread. Fasten.

 Bunny tail

1.6 sc into magic ring

2. 6sc

We cut the thread. Fasten.

Puppy ears

1.4 ch, with 2nd from hook 2sc,

3sc in one

loop (initial), 1sc, inc.

2. inc, 1sc, 3inc, 1sc, 2inc.

3.4sc, 4inc of HDC,


4. 1sc. np knit in half


 Puppy’s tail

1.6 sc into magic ring

2-5. 6sc (4 rows).


İncish ears to 9 or

10 row.

See photo for

 the head.

 handles on a row

below the head.

 tail on a row

above the legs.

See photo for.

Tie a bow out


Singe tape ends


 the bow to the body itself

toys to bow

(knot and ribbon itself) not

unleashed and not

lost during the game.

We embroider a tiger cub


Calculate the exact

number of columns and

ranks hard to

it was like in the photo, better

turn on imagination and

embroider as you

it would seem


See photo for